Azarbaijan Regional Electricity Join stock Company is responsible for generation management and providing stable and reliable electricity power in the geographic region under its control and in order to do delegated duties and to fulfill guiding operational objectives in transmitting electricity bases and creating clarification in all relational areas and in framework of policies of Ministry of Energy is responsible for providing comprehensive economic and reliable electric services to its subscribers and with progressive focus on expectations and needs of customers creates a stable value for customer and with considering the regulations, rules and bylaws has used all organization facilities and potentials to provide and comply their needs and to get all beneficiaries satisfaction.

Geographical Situation

    AREC from the outlook of electrical divisions is connected to Azarbaijan Republic and Armenia from northwest and north, from west to Turkey and Iraq, from east to Gilan, from southwest to electricity of west and from southeast to electricity of Zanjan. From the outlook of country division is responsible for electrifying 3 provinces named East and West Azarbaijan and Ardabil.

Duty and Operating Domain of Company

   AREC as one of subsidiary companies of Tavanir has the mission of providing, generating, transmitting and selling reliable electricity power in its operating domain.